A Quick present!!

Hi, just had to share a quick little wall hanging that I made one evening for M’s science teacher who was leaving .  After nearly 4 years of inspiring M in a subject that he loves we wanted to do something to show our appreciation, so a mini wall hanging was born.  M chose the fabric and he found the picture to print, I just printed onto photo ready fabric and got sewing.  M was thrilled at the teacher’s gratitude and said he will hang it in his new classroom. I just think it is fun to do something quick and quirky.

More sewing to come !!Image


Ugly Fabric Challenge

Hi, We have a challenge every year in the quilting group I attend (Icknield Quilters) and this year was to make something with a piece of fabric  given by someone else in the group that they thought was truly UGLY !!  The piece I was given was brown, not my favourite colour but it was not that bad.  I had seen a pattern for a bag in my Mum’s patchwork magazine and thought that would be a good way to use and disguise the said ugly fabric.  See what you think ??


The Ugly fabric was the one used in the handles.  I like the pattern so much I may make another but in blues this time!

Tanks for checking in.


2 mobile phone cases !!

Well, couldn’t help myself and ended up making 2, Jazzy on the right for Middle T and cool blue on the left for Big M (eldest).  Found some buttons for them to choose from, just popped these on for the photo, but I really want them to choose from my button tin that was given to me by my Granny. So many memories come to me when I open the tin.  Happy memories of time spent together.

Hope they like them !!Image

Happy New year – a little late

With the boys all safely back into the school routine I have found myself in need of a project or two to stop the mundaneness of chores taking over my life.  Middle son T has just got himself a new mobile phone and I thought it needed a protective case.  So off to the fabric box last evening and he has chosen some great jazzy colours, we measured and cut out the pattern together and now I am left with the sewing today!  I love to have something to make and a purpose for doing it.  So off I go to sew and will post back with a photo if all goes well.

A Little About Me!

Hi, I am a stay at home Mum of 3 young boys. I have a passion for sewing and all things creative. Including patchwork, knitting, crochet and quilting, plus card making and origami for fun. Variety is important to me and I love to try out new crafts and learn new skills.
Hoping to share some of the things I have been up to in this years blog, mostly crafty but a little homey too! Watch and see what develops.